Our Services

Our Services

We, at Lakshya, provide the Best Overseas Education Consultants to those who dream to study abroad in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe. We understand the requirements and help students in every step right from the beginning till the end, to achieve their goal of studying abroad. Our team of experts and highly qualified professionals are well aware of the barrier most of the times students face to acquire their dream of getting an education from their most liked overseas universities. 

We are a perfect place for all those students who want to build their future by studying from their dream universities, outside India. We are a one-stop education consultancy for overseas study. We guide the students by providing proper and free online/offline counseling. We help them right from course and university selection to visa and interview preparation.

Our guidance service also includes End to End Applications Assistance, Test Preparations, Assistance for Scholarships, Education Loan Assistance, Financial Restructuring, Accommodation, Insurance, Forex, Travel Assistance, Pre departure Guidance and also helping with Sim Cards for the chosen destination.

The motive of Lakshya Overseas Education is to help the students get a quality education and prepare them to fulfill their dream of higher qualification from abroad universities.

Course and University Selection

Struggling to choose the perfect course for you?

Don’t worry!

Whether you're torn between two or more courses or just have no idea what kind of career you desire, we’ll help you find the perfect course for you and coordinate your university application through one-on-one counseling sessions with our Lakshya experts.

With advanced knowledge and rich experience, our counselors provide comprehensive guidance, enabling aspirants to choose an appropriate course, university, and nation from among the umpteen options available.

Our affiliations with the world-renowned universities enable us to provide exclusive scholarships, speedy correspondences, hassle-free applications, and optimistic visa application results depending on our student's personal and financial capabilities.

The Lakshya team is dedicated to assisting you in identifying suitable courses and institutions that are most aligned with your objectives. We recognize that deciding on a career path and a university is the most important step in the process. The likelihood of achieving your goals is heavily dependent on the course and university you choose.

Course Selection
We at Lakshya, strive to enhance the profile of our students while motivating them to push boundaries and reach their full potential. Our rich knowledge matching system allows us to maintain a close check on all of the most up-to-date information on our partner institutions, such as their most recent application criteria, and so on.

Given that each course and the university is unique, as well as the fact that students have varied preferences, below are the factors our specialists evaluate while assisting you in finding the finest solutions and course possibilities.

Your Strengths & Objectives: During our counseling sessions, we spend time reflecting on your abilities and interests. Our professional counselors assess each student's strengths and preferences, assisting you in streamlining your applications.

Career Opportunities: Pursuing a course is pointless unless it prepares you for a successful career. We take into account future demand and job possibilities for your chosen course, both in your home country and overseas.

Following extensive research, we present our students with a portfolio of courses tailored to their specific interests, as well as great future growth potential. We sift through course handbooks and subject options to choose the route of your dreams.

University Selection
Lakshya Overseas is a worldwide authorized representative of globally accredited universities. To aid you in obtaining your desired course, we can assist you in narrowing down the ideal destinations and educational institutes for you by:

Considering timelines & budgets
We present to you the many university options comprising your desired courses after a deep evaluation of your budget, the academic year you wish to enroll in, and the intake you wish to apply for. As each university has its unique admissions and entry procedures, your Lakshya advisor will walk you through the intricacies of when, where, and how to apply and begin your course in your desired location.

Culture and life on campus
Whether you will be pleased and satisfied in your international education journey is determined by the university's environment and social culture. Every pupil has his or her own set of preferences. You may thrive in a bustling city or choose to live in the countryside. You could prefer a campus with a lot of ethnic diversity or strong social programs. These are crucial considerations that we take into account while selecting a university.

Your international future has limitless possibilities. Make an appointment with a Lakshya Counseling professional who can assist you in planning your route to a brighter future.

End-to-End Application Assistance

From a flawless, error-free application to frequent follow-ups with institutions to ensure expedited admissions, the Lakshya team provides you with guidance throughout your application process.

Your application to the university of your choice will speak volumes about you. It should not just reflect your academic achievements and subject interests, but it should also mirror your persona, including who you are, your passions, and your career goals. Our team of specialists will help you prepare the perfect application so that you can stand out from the crowd and show yourself to the university board in the best light possible.

Our end-to-end application assistance begins with:

● Profile Discussion
As your education counselor, Our professionals will organize brainstorming sessions to deeply assess your profile. This will enable us to make all necessary recommendations for improving your profile. We will help you fill in all the gaps to ensure that your holistic developments are as appealing as your academic achievements. We’ll assist you in presenting your profile to the admissions committee of your desired university in the best possible way, increasing your chances of acceptance.

● Selection of Universities
We go on to the following step, which is shortlisting universities from a wide range of alternatives after we aid you in creating a faultless profile that stands out from the crowd. We do this by comparing your profile to the courses you wish to apply for, as well as your academic record, acceptance rate, test scores, and other factors, to find the top institutions that are right for you and will meet your course requirements.

● Application Form
You will require assistance in completing the application form for your desired university. This form will represent you to the university admissions board, thus it must be flawless in order to speak on your behalf to the university of your choice. Our Lakshya professionals will assist you in each step of this process starting from the Application Essay to the SOP (Statement of Purpose).

We will help you create your resume by paying close attention to details, following the prescribed structure, and advising you on what to include and exclude. These three documents will be accompanied by a relevant Letter of Recommendation, which will give your application form the finishing touch.

● University Acceptance
It's not over once you receive an acceptance letter from your favorite university. Following selection, there are several more stages, including Interview Preparation. Your interview can be conducted over the phone, via Skype, Zoom, or other means. We'll assist you in preparing for it so that you can ace the interview.

Get in touch with the Lakshya Overseas professional experts for the needed guidance and assistance on your educational pathways.

Scholarship Application Assistance

Studying abroad can be a pricey affair and navigating the financial aid system for students can be complicated and perplexing. Ambitious students who are eager to apply for scholarships need to be aware of the rules for completing their applications on time. It's also critical that your application be competitive enough to get you the financial aid.

Students ought not to be discouraged since Lakshya Overseas' outstanding counselors can aid you in identifying appropriate sources of funding for your education. International institutions provide several scholarship opportunities to help students save a significant amount of money on tuition while honoring their commitment to their studies.

Scholarship aid not only relieves the financial burden on prospective students but also inspires them to achieve the best possible results to continue to benefit from this generosity.

In numerous ways, the eligibility criteria for international university scholarship programs differ from one another. However, several prerequisites apply to all scholarships, including:

● An excellent academic record
● Timely submission of Application
● Proof of Capability must be submitted to be considered for financial assistance
● A strong Application

Our professionals are available to assist you at every step of the way, ensuring that you have a stress-free and straightforward admission process to your desired university. First, we'll help you find the perfect scholarship for you among the several types of scholarship programs accessible, such as:

Merit-based Scholarships
These scholarships are sponsored by universities as well as state governments and are awarded for individual achievements. These include academic, artistic, athletic, and other achievements.

Need-based Scholarships
These are given to applicants who are in desperate need of financial assistance. To be eligible for this scholarship program, students must demonstrate a predefined degree of financial need. It could cover living expenses, tuition fees, book charges, and so forth.

Private scholarships
Corporations, religious organizations, professional organizations, civic, non-profit organizations, and others provide these services. Individuals might be awarded these scholarships for their academic achievements, religious affiliations, extracurricular achievements, ethnic heritage, community activity, and other factors.

How does the Lakshya Team assist you?

Thousands of students compete for financial aid through scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Furthermore, application deadlines are frequently set early in the school year. Our experts are always monitoring the precise criteria established by various universities, as well as their deadlines, expectations, and other factors.

If any early-bird discounts or scholarships are available, our efficient team will request them on your behalf. Furthermore, based on your eligibility, we will recommend your profile to the best university scholarship programs.

Based on your eligibility, we assist you in selecting the right scholarship option for you. We then work with you to create a strong application that will be difficult for the authorities to reject.

Get in touch with our efficient and trustworthy team today to receive all of the benefits and assistance on your study courses,

Visa Application Assistance

You're ready for the next step now that you've decided on a course, a nation, and have been accepted to your desired university.

The next step is to acquire a visa for the country in which your ideal university is located.

A student visa can be viewed as an endorsement on your passport by immigration authorities. It means you're allowed to stay in the country for a set period, such as until you finish your studies.

The process of obtaining a visa may appear simple on paper, but it can be a time-consuming and stressful experience for many people. You'll need an efficient and knowledgeable team to properly assist you through all of the stages involved in securing a visa.

Lakshya Overseas has a team of professionals who have a thorough understanding of the student visa application process. We will not only aid you in completing the process with precision, but we will also ensure that you receive successful visa outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible.

How will the Lakshya Professionals assist you?

Because the methods and requirements for obtaining a student visa vary by nation, our expert advisers are ready to assist students at every stage of the visa application process.

● Providing a list of the documents to be reviewed
To complete their Visa Application, students will need to submit a variety of supporting paperwork. The requirements of one country may differ from the next. Based on your admittance country, our specialists will provide you with a checklist of all the documents you'll need. Your passport, transcripts from your qualifying exams, and other such documents are examples of common documents that are required.

● Guide to Authorized Immigration Representatives and the Official Websites
Lakshya Counselors will take you to the proper websites so that you have access to the most up-to-date application forms. This will make it easier for you to complete the relevant application paperwork. We will also refer you to authorized immigration officials to ensure that you receive the latest application formats.

● Proof of Funding Requirements
Because you will require financial support in the form of a scholarship or grant, you must apply for the visa as soon as possible. You'll need to show proof of financial capability as well. Our staff will show you how to present financial documentation, which is required for all nations' visa application processes.

The Visa Interview
Immigration officials frequently request that students attend a visa interview. Students are questioned about their choice of the nation, course, and university in this phase. The application's decision is announced based on the responses.

The Lakshya Team provides mock visa interviews to all of our students to help them prepare for the real interview. You need not be concerned because we have a great visa success rate in all countries.

Getting you on the Right Track

There are different forms to fill out and officials to meet during the visa application procedure. The Lakshya Overseas team will guide you towards the appropriate route so you don't have to waste time going from door to door to finish the formalities.

All of your documents are scanned to see if they are ready for submission. We also provide translations for any documents that may be required in the nation for which you are applying. Regardless of when your program is scheduled to begin, our impeccable help on visa documentation and other related requirements will guarantee that you can apply for your visa as soon as possible.

Because visa processing dates can vary, we make sure that all of your stages are completed on schedule and without hassle. From informing you about the eligibility conditions to document preparation to developing a successful and error-free application, our highly skilled team will assist you with every aspect.

When you choose Lakshya Overseas as your education partner, you can be certain that all of our services are of the finest quality and well worth your time.

Education Loan Assistance

As it is frequently heard - An investment in knowledge pays out the best interest.

Nonetheless, if the knowledge is obtained from a top-tier university abroad, the returns from this speculation can be ten times higher.

You already know that studying at any prestigious university will help you advance in your career. However, you are also aware of the harsh reality that such dreams come at a hefty price. However, this is not a good enough reason to back out; rather, it is an opportunity to speak with industry experts who can assist you in obtaining an educational loan to help you achieve your career goals.

Lakshya Overseas professionals have extensive knowledge in all aspects of international education, including all spheres of financing. We assist our students from stem to stern in obtaining an education loan that will enable them to attend their desired university.

We save our students time and money by forming strong ties with a variety of private and nationalized banks, overseas lenders, NBFCs, and other financial institutions. Our partner experts will assist you in financing your ambition of studying abroad by recommending the ideal financial institution for you.

Based on your qualifications, we will also assist you with all documentation strategies and will guide you through each step along the way. We will not only answer all of your loan-related questions, but we will also assist you in getting your loan approved faster.

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of required documents, which will include your KYC documents, address proof, academic records, and other relevant information. In addition, we will aid you in examining many critical features of the loan options available to you, such as Interest Rate, Tax Rebate, Hidden Charges, and so on, to select the best among them.

What other services do Lakshya Professionals offer?

● Loans: Secured and Unsecured
● Bother Free Documentation
● Pre-Visa Loan Disbursement
● Fast Sanction of Loans
● No Service Charges

Our assistance, however, is not restricted to educational loans. We're here to help you with anything you need to know about studying abroad. We assist our students in all aspects of the program to make it as easy, stress-free, and cost-effective as possible for them.

We provide you with all of the latest updates in the higher education sphere, in addition to providing efficient and transparent study abroad solutions. Contact us immediately to make us your educational partner and take the first step toward enrolling in your desired university.

Student Accommodation

After you've been accepted to your preferred university, the stress of finding housing will begin to overwhelm you. Choosing appropriate housing for a university located thousands of miles away is, to say the least, a challenging task. And, because most students are juggling visa applications and travel commitments, they put off looking for a place to live until the last minute.

A word of advice: Don't do this and always plan.

Choosing a place to live is a huge decision that might have a negative impact on your study abroad experience if you don't plan. Students get the most out of their foreign study experience, according to Lakshya Overseas Professionals, when they live in a safe environment and have access to people who can help them when they need it.

The Lakshya Team will assist you in finding your new home by referring you to one of our many reputable accommodation providers. We will assist you in finding the best accommodation choices as soon as you receive your acceptance offer. This allows you to compare the various options offered and select the one that best suits your needs in terms of money and convenience.

Which choice is the best?


Many overseas students prefer homestay because of the convenience it brings. You'll be placed with a family who will treat you as their guest. You may be assigned to a private room or you may be required to share one with another student. It allows you to learn about the new country's lifestyle, food, culture, and language. You may also experience less homesickness because you will be living with a family that will advise and encourage you as you adjust to your new surroundings. However, there is a significant disadvantage to this alternative, which is the lack of privacy and freedom.

Student Apartments

Apartments are ideal for students seeking independence, flexibility, and freedom. You can rent a single room or share an apartment with other students. Due to the high cost of renting a single bedroom, most students prefer to live in a shared apartment. It is inexpensive, and it allows you to share your experiences with students from around the world.

Student Dorms

Many international students opt to live in university dorms for at least the first year of their studies. It allows students to mingle with people from other backgrounds, practice their language abilities, and so on. This is a fantastic opportunity to form long-lasting and solid friendships, which will be quite beneficial in dealing with the new environment. These are fairly priced, and because they are on or near campus, they can save money on transportation.

How can the Lakshya Team assist you in locating suitable accommodation facilities?

The Lakshya experts will hold your hand through this difficult research and decision-making process, assisting you in considering all of the important variables related to your choice of housing.

● Location
We can assist you in mapping out your university's boundaries as well as all potential communities. This way, we can help you think about key things like transportation costs, time, and budget. We also conduct an extensive study into all relevant safety information in these areas. As a result, we assist you in selecting a place near your university as well as saving time and money on commuting.

● Budget
We take into account all aspects of your budget, including tuition fees, travel expenses, and so on. We assist you in selecting a solution that best matches your budget. We assist you in obtaining the essential facilities in a timely and cost-effective manner, allowing you to stick to your budget.

● Contract
We make sure that all of the important aspects are in your favor before you sign the lease/contract. Whether or not utilities, Wi-Fi, Cable, and other fees are included in the rent; if these costs would upset your budget; and so on.

The hard work has already been done for you by the Lakshya Team. We've put up a fantastic selection of accommodation options that will undoubtedly meet your requirements and budget. All of our accommodation partners have a reputation for being reliable student housing providers, so rest easy and contact us today to find your home away from home.

International Student Insurance

Without a question, studying abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities provided to learners. Thousands of students apply to their ideal institutions each year, but only a small percentage of them get accepted. One of the main reasons for this is that students often get caught up in the hype and forget about the multiple steps that are associated with overseas education. This covers planning for lodging arrangements, visa applications, and insurance coverage, among other things.

The Lakshya Team counselors, on the other hand, are available to assist students with these tedious tasks while they prepare for their new journey. We assist our students in obtaining the best international student health insurance plan. Insurance is one of the most significant pre-departure paperwork for students since it functions as a protector for them in a foreign place, ensuring their safety and security.

The Lakshya experts are masters in securing economical student cover health insurance plans that cover your whole duration of overseas education, comply with your visa requirements, save you a lot of money on your yearly premium, and provide a variety of other advantages.

Why is it crucial to get international student health insurance?

Students who are studying abroad should obtain a good health insurance policy to avoid paying the whole cost of healthcare in the event of an emergency. Healthcare expenditures are prohibitively expensive for students, and because overseas students are not covered by the country's government schemes, the prices are significantly greater for them than for natives.

Today, the majority of international institutions have made student health insurance a mandate. A decent health insurance policy assures you because you know that if you need medical assistance while studying, you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars for it.
The Best Student Health Insurance Plans for International Students

The Lakshya counselors are continually working to find the best foreign student health insurance plan for their students. We want to make sure that the plan covers medical care, emergency evacuation, and medications. We also examine your university's waiver criteria before securing the insurance plan, such as whether they will accept an external health insurance plan (from your country's insurance company) or if they require insurance from an international or country-specific insurance firm.

Before making a final decision about insurance, we consider several factors, including:

● Policy Maximum: The amount of money that the insurance company will pay out in the event of an accident or illness.

● Deductibles: The amount you must pay before the insurance provider assumes responsibility. Our goal is to select the plan with the minimum deductible.

● International Coverage: We prefer to choose a plan that covers you internationally rather than one that only covers you in the country where you want to study.

● PPO Network: This term refers to an insurance company's preferred treatment facilities for insured students. This allows the facility to bill the company directly rather than going through the lengthy procedure of you paying them and then requesting reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

Our international student health insurance will cover medical emergencies, sickness, and treatment, among other things. The plan's basic coverage will include:

● Medical treatment that does not require admission to a hospital, such as walk-in clinics, physician visits, and so on.

● Lab Tests and X-Rays

● In-patient Medical Treatment: Receiving medical care while in the hospital, such as in the medical room, the intensive care unit, or after surgery.

● Dental Emergencies

● Emergency medical evacuation: If you become ill and require medical treatment in your own country or another nation, the company will cover your evacuation expenses.

● Prescribed Medication

The Lakshya Professionals will not only select the most suitable insurance plan for you, but they will also advise you on how to use it properly so that you may get the most out of the insurance plan's benefits. As a premium education partner, we can guarantee that you will be provided with an insurance plan that will benefit you the most and keep you safe while studying abroad.

Forex Assistance

For students who want to pursue their studies abroad, Lakshya Overseas is a group of experts that can provide knowledgeable advice and support. At each step of the process, our team is here to hold your hand, offering everything from financial aid to currency conversion. We streamline the process for your convenience.

Daily fluctuations in the value of money have a significant impact on currency exchange losses. We have partnerships with several well-known foreign exchange dealers, so you can take advantage of our quick response times and affordable conversion rates. They support you by:

● Wire Transfers
● Demand Draft
● Currency Notes
● International Debit Cards
● Travelers Cheque

All of your needs, such as housing costs, boarding costs, educational expenditures, etc., are available for assistance from our pros. We provide customized student travel insurance, accident insurance, and medical insurance packages that are bundled and less expensive than rates offered internationally. Additionally, we offer telecom services at competitive prices, such as international roaming capabilities.

The following are the services we provide as part of our forex assistance:

● Door Step Administrations
● Supple Timings
● Competitive Rates

Travel Assistance

The last phase in the admissions process is for you to depart for your desired location once you have finished all the procedures and legal issues associated with the application process.

If you want to make sure you don't forget anything critical when traveling, It's crucial to prepare ahead, be organized, and have a checklist. Making bookings well in advance is essential since you'll be able to select the most affordable route and prevent last-minute headaches.

The cost of travel and lodging can be a hefty expense, and we at Lakshya are aware of this. Getting effective travel assistance from our pros includes purchasing affordable airline tickets, signing up for travel insurance, receiving basic etiquette and communication tips, finding transit lodging, accessing debit cards or mobile phone connections and more.

Our services will not only make your trip more comfortable, but they will also be quite inexpensive. We guarantee that our experts will plan your trip with all necessary safety precautions in mind, and we will help you arrange suitable accommodation as well as the requisite insurance-related paperwork.

Starting with the bare minimum requirements, such as an airline ticket, a visa, pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport, etc., we will offer you all the necessary travel assistance. Our pros will organize your travel in such a way that it will be a positive experience for you; this is why we keep you completely informed throughout the entire process. By doing this, we can assist you in letting go of your concerns and worries, and your family and friends will feel at ease knowing that your safety is in excellent hands.

We assist you in locating the ideal departure times, routes, and prices. To prevent any problems like the excess baggage fees, etc., we also help you select the most economical airlines and services. The Lakshya experts guarantee you the following help in addition to these:

● We provide visa assistance and embassy contacts for your benefit.
● In the event of an emergency, such as if you misplaced your wallet or credit card, we will provide you the guidance what to do next.
● If you lose your tickets, passport, luggage, etc., we will assist you.
● We provide legal referrals to you.
● We also help you with accommodation options, bookings, and travel plans.
● We compare pricing across many airlines to find you the best deal on airfare and baggage limitations.

As a result, the Lakshya Team is here to help you in any way that we can. Contact Us right away to receive assistance from our devoted experts!

Interview Preparation

Interviews are carried out at various stages of the study abroad process to learn more about the prospective applicants. Because this is one of the most important parts of the process, students cannot afford to be nervous or make a mistake that would jeopardize their chances of attending their preferred university.

Lakshya Overseas is a platform with years of experience in preparing potential students for these high-level interviews. Whether you're applying for a university or a student visa, you'll almost certainly receive good assistance that will not only help you stay calm during the interview but also help you ace them.

The goal of student interviews for university applications is to let the selection committee understand why you would choose their school. They want to know your reasons behind your course choice, what your professional goals are, and if you can adjust to the university's environment.

After you've been accepted to your preferred university, you'll need to finish the visa application procedure. Despite timely completion of the process, excellent documentation, and satisfying all criteria, visa applications are frequently denied. It is because learners are unable to pass the visa interview. Knowing how to respond to the questions and being well-prepared will help you secure a visa.

Applicants who are well prepared, answer all questions calmly and confidently, and keep the conversation flowing are more likely to acquire their visa. At every step of the road, our Lakshya Overseas consultants will hold your hand. We will prepare you for the interview in such a way that you will be able to simply communicate your viewpoints to the interviewer.

Thousands of students have been trained by the lakshya counselors through mock interviews. Our team leaves no stone unturned in assisting you with your interview preparation, which includes:

General Preparation

We will walk you through the immigration and university interview processes, as well as prepare you for the most frequently asked questions. We'll show you how to stay on topic without straying off on tangents. We show you how to respond to open-ended questions because one-line answers are inappropriate.

Physical Preparation

The image you portray is as crucial as the words you say. What you look like, how you present yourself, and how you respond to questions are all equally significant. We will advise you on how to dress and act politely and respectfully to make a positive impression.

Attitude Preparation

The selection committee will significantly focus on your behavior and body language during the interview. We'll show you how to give concise, to-the-point responses that are appropriate to the context. It is also critical that you demonstrate your uniqueness to the interviewer. You must not act or pretend to be someone you are not.

Sample Questions

We've discovered the most relevant and common interview questions based on our years of experience. Our knowledgeable counselors will assist you in determining the best approach to respond to the questions and will be ready to answer any queries you may have.

Lakshya professionals prepare all students well in advance so that they may approach interviews with confidence and a pleasant attitude. We prepare you from the ground up, teaching you everything from posture and body language to how to answer interview questions.

During mock interviews, we create an environment that is comparable to that which students may encounter during their university or visa interview at the consulate. This practical method boosts the applicants' confidence and morale, allowing them to perform dexterously in their interviews.