Business, Commerce and Management

Business, Commerce and Management


Looking to get a leg up on the competition in the financial services industry? This dual degree strengthens your business acumen, financial literacy, and analytical skills while also providing a foundation in managing and leading businesses. The Bachelor of Business Management / Bachelor of Commerce is a program for anyone interested in learning more about accounting, financial management, banking, or company analytics, as well as gaining the knowledge and confidence to manage a variety of business contexts.
You'll take a variety of required courses in this degree that address topics that are relevant to the corporate world and the financial services industry. Accounting, economics, marketing, business information systems, organizational behavior, business law, management, and other topics will be covered.
Majors such as Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics, Human Resources, and Marketing will allow you to focus your career. You can also mix and match courses to suit your needs.
Throughout your studies, you'll hear from professional guest speakers, study real-life case studies, and participate in projects, placements, and internships with renowned companies.
You'll graduate with a mix of general and specialized knowledge, as well as strong analytical and technical abilities. You'll gain the ability to successfully lead people and projects, adapt to rapidly changing commercial contexts, and be in high demand among employers.

Key takeaways:

• Learn from award-winning research and industry leaders at one of the world's top business schools.
• Provides you with industry experience through initiatives like as through programs such as executive shadowing and individual assignments, you will get industrial experience.
• Develop a mix of fundamental business skills, specialized knowledge, and critical thinking and problem-solving talents.


Customize your studies to meet your objectives. The following alternatives are available through this program:
• Accounting 
• Business Analytics 
• Business Economics 
• Business Information Systems 
• Finance • Human Resources 
• Marketing 
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
• International Business

Top Universities To Study Business, Management, And Commerce

Many future family business successors and aspiring company executives study business abroad.
It's one of the most reliable ways to acquire the most up-to-date theories and practices, gain real-world experience, and receive a credentialing degree.

Here are some of the top nations to consider if you want to go to business school.

1. United States of America
The United States is home to the most prestigious business schools in the world, offering top-notch instruction and opportunities to learn from real-world circumstances. The greatest business schools in the United States are a mix of private and public universities.

The "Ivy League" business schools in the United States include the following:
• The Wharton School is a prestigious business school in New York City. This is the famed business school of the University of Pennsylvania, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It provides a Bachelor of Science in Economics, an MBA/EMBA, and a Ph.D. degree.
• Tuck School of Business is a business school located in New York City. Dartmouth College's business school in Hanover, New Hampshire, specializes in MBA programs and also offers an advanced management degree for executives.
• Harvard Business School is a prestigious business school. This private university in Boston, Massachusetts, is the graduate business school of the world-famous Harvard University. It offers a substantial full-time MBA program, Ph.D. degrees, and various executive education programs.
• Columbia University's Graduate School of Business. If you're thinking about going to business school in New York City, Columbia University's business school is a great option. It is regarded as one of the most selective elite business schools, offering MBA/EMBA, Ph.D., MS, and other advanced degrees.
• Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. This is one of Cornell University’s three famous business schools in Ithaca, New York. It offers MBA/EMBA and Ph.D. programs. The two other Cornell business schools are the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.
• Yale School of Management. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University’s Yale School of Management offers MBA/EMBA, PhD, executive education and joint degree programs.
Other noteworthy business schools in the US are the University of California-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s Ross School of Business, Stanford University’s Stanford Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

2. United Kingdom
According to the Financial Times European Business School Rankings 2018, the United Kingdom has 22 of the top 95 business schools in Europe. • The London Business School is one among them (London)

• Durham University Business School (Durham) • University of Edinburgh Business School (Edinburgh) (Durham)
• Lancaster University's School of Management (Lancashire)
• Manchester Business School Alliance (Manchester)
• Henley Business School is a business school in Henley-on-Th (Henley-on-Thames and Reading)
• Cranfield School of Management (Cranfield, England) • University of Strathclyde Business School (Glasgow, Scotland) (Bedfordshire)
• The London Business School is widely regarded as Europe's best business school. It is the first European university to be ranked first in the worldwide MBA rankings (2009) Cranfield University's Cranfield School of Management, on the other hand, is known for its "levy-friendly" MBA courses and is the biggest climber in the rankings.

3. France.
Although few people identify France with business education, it is home to 25 of Europe's top 95 business schools. It is the home of HEC Paris (Paris), which has been named the top European supplier of executive MBA programs and Europe's second-best business school by the Financial Times. France also offers the ICN Business School, which is notable for its faculty ratio of 50:50 male to female.
Grenoble Ecole de Management (Grenoble), ESCP Europe Business School (Paris), University Paris Dauphine (Paris), and Toulouse Business School are among France's leading business schools.

4. Singapore 
Singapore is a small island nation that is noted for many things, including its good quality of living and strong educational standards. In 2018, three Singapore business schools seized spots in the top 11 Global MBA Rankings in Asia. Nanyang Business School, NUS Business School, and INSEAD-Singapore are among them.
Nanyang Business School is the business school of Nanyang Technological University. It is a large business school with undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive programs that is certified by the European Quality Improvement System. The National University of Singapore's NUS Management School is the 18th best business school in the world, according to the 2018 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. INSEAD, on the other hand, is one of the world's most prestigious business schools.

5. Spain
The World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2018 included seven Spanish business schools. Three of them are among the top twenty-five.
• IE School of Business (Madrid). This top-ranked university offers a full-time international MBA programme for professionals looking to expand their management skills.
• Ramon Llull University of ESADE (Barcelona). This business school, which has an average GMAT score of 665, offers a full-time MBA program that stresses creativity and innovative thinking.
• IESE Business School (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Empres (Barcelona). IESE offers a 19-month learning experience geared to enhance technical and leadership abilities in a global setting, and is ranked 18th in the global MBA program rating.
ESIC Business and Marketing School (Madrid), EADA Business School (Barcelona), EAE (Barcelona), and EU (Barcelona) are some major business schools in Spain

6. Australia
In the Global MBA Rankings 2018, Australia has 12 business schools ranked. If you want to study business in the Asia-Pacific region, there are a number of famous universities to choose from:
• University of Queensland Business School (Brisbane) 
• University of Wollongong Sydney Business School (Wollongong)
• University of (Melbourne)

In most regions of the world, finding an excellent business school should not be difficult. It's just as vital to be precise with the requirements as you are with the requirements. It's only a matter of paying attention to the prerequisites as you apply to the business school of your choosing. Make sure you fill out all of the required forms and that all of your papers are in order. Some of your documents may additionally require a notarized translation, certified exam results and experience proofs, as well as letters of recommendation. Don't worry, at LAKSHYA, we'll take care of everything for you.